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Call For Paper

Call For Paper

The 1st ICSDGD Invites researchers, academics, educators, practitioners, government agencies, and counsultans around of the world to attend and share their insights, perspectives and new trends of research. The Conference acceptsScholarly manuscripts of the latest development in education including literature review, conceptual paper
and research report which are related to the theme of the conference

Area Research

1. Evaluasi Kebijakan Pembangunan untuk Disabilitas (Evaluation of development policy for disability)

2.Perluasan aksesibilitas dan sustainabilitas pembangunan untuk Dsabilitas (The enlargement of accessibility and development sustainability for disability)

3.Penguatan sistem dukungan untuk Disabilitas (Strengthening of supporting system for disability)

4.Pendidikan Inklusif dan sekolah ramah anak (Inclusive education and child friendly school)

5.Pendidikan layanan khusus/pendidikan alternatif (Special service education / alternative education)

6.Pemberdayaan dan kemandirian Disabilitas (empowerment and independence of disability)

7.Inovasi dan teknologi pembelajaran (Innovation and technology of education)

8.Revitalisasi guru pendidikan khusus  (Revitalization of special education teacher)

9.Perluasan Akses pendidikan tinggi (Enlargement of higher education access)

10.Program transisi pasca sekolah & kewirausahaan (transition of post school and entrepreneurship program)

11.Pendidikan karakter dan literasi (Character education and literacy)

12.Anak disabilitas berbakat (Gifted children)

13.Pendidikan Agama untuk Disabilitas (Religion education for disability)